Who We Are

At SEA, we are family. Our buddy readers and mentoring relationships built across grade levels create a supportive environment for our students. Our active Parents Club and open teacher-parent communication build strong ties. Our students are more willing to take academic risks because they feel confident that SEA is a safe and loving school. This allows students to make greater strides in growth. Our unique alliances with Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, as well as our many field trips across grade levels, enhance learning and bring it outside the classroom.

What We Believe and Promote

We are fortunate that our 10-acre campus is nestled on the beautiful shores of Lake Brantley. We are able to take full advantage of our surroundings by having outdoor classes, swimming, canoeing and paddleboarding. Visit us and you will understand the SEA difference!

  • We strive to make Sweetwater Episcopal Academy the Kind Zone, a learning and loving environment where, in addition to academics, we teach respect, responsibility and empathy.
  • Sweetwater Episcopal Academy is a Christian school that teaches respect and acceptance of the religious and cultural diversity in our community.
  • We believe by building a lifelong love of learning, our students will become the leaders of tomorrow.
  • We instill a sense of purpose in our students, showing that through creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and support from passionate faculty and staff, all things are possible.
  • We believe that an effective and excellent education for youth is the best investment in the future.
  • Build a learning foundation and encourage students to apply skills to an optimal ability.
  • Work together in the community to collaborate, cooperate and form a supportive partnership.
  • Smile! Foster a contagious friendliness that shines from the inside out.
  • Provide extensive opportunities for students to explore and be challenged as an individual.
  • Create a safe environment. Preserve the beautiful campus and contribute to the inherent kindness and helpfulness of the personnel.
  • Immerse students in a nurturing community that promotes and inspires discovery.
  • Combine academic lessons with life lessons of character development.
  • Embrace a STEAM approach to hands-on teaching philosophy that presents content in a real life application.
  • Cultivate the excitement of discovery and motivate students.
  • SEA is an extension of home, filled with gentle love and high expectations for behavior.

Community Service

While it is important to address the needs within our own school community, it is at least equally important to consider the community and world around us. We believe that starts by taking the SEA Kind Zone out into the world, and we are committed to this task.

Our two primary avenues of service are the YES (Youth Encouraging Service) Team and Project Hope.

The YES Team: This team encompasses the entire SEA student body. Each homeroom class in grades 3–8 selects two representatives to coordinate the school’s efforts through various community service projects.

Project Hope: The school’s largest and furthest-reaching means of community service combines service projects benefitting local and international charitable organizations. The service opportunities vary by grade level and include the collection of in-kind contributions, hands-on projects completed on campus and projects which involve off-campus work. These avenues of services, as well as others which arise spontaneously throughout the year, provide opportunities for SEA to do what it does best: benefitting others through experiential, hands-on learning opportunities which encompass God, community, values and education.

Head of School

Welcome to Sweetwater Episcopal Academy (SEA)! We are pleased you are interested in learning more about us. Visit our campus and you will immediately understand who we are and what we promote. Nestled on the beautiful shores of Lake Brantley, we use our campus and outdoor areas to enrich the learning experience.

We understand that schools are about people. The most frequent comment we hear from our visitors during a tour is that our students and staff are happy. At SEA, we deliver academic excellence blended with Christian values. Character development is part of daily life with our Kind Zone philosophy. We are here to support each other, to learn together, and to grow as a community as well as individuals. The campus is an extension of home for our students where they can discover the magnitude of their individual talents.

Students learn through meaningful experiences and challenging discoveries. Our students gain the resources and encouragement necessary to define themselves as they prepare for their individual place in the world. The curriculum is designed to establish a strong foundation that will allow students to excel on their educational journey. Students’ talents and strengths are identified, fostered and celebrated. Our students learn perseverance in the face of challenges and engage in collaborative learning. As a result, students have a high level of confidence and independence.

At SEA, learning goes beyond the classroom as we partner with the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. Students have the opportunity to speak with astronauts and STEAM scholars during our space week. Our visiting expert program in middle school brings specialists into the classroom to share their expertise. Through a partnership with Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, we are able to enjoy unique opportunities to see the arts in action and expand cultural horizons. SEA provides opportunities for each of our students.

Come meet our family, allow us to share our students love for learning. We hope to welcome you soon.

Cynthia Lane

SEA School Board

The School Board is charged with ensuring the long-term, mission-based, sustainable success and viability of the school. As such, it is concerned with the needs of the school over several generations; therefore, its focus is setting the strategic direction of the school. The Board does not manage the day-to-day or tactical operations of the school. The Board hires a School Head who delegates the day-to-day managerial responsibility within the general parameters and principles that it has established. The Board meets regularly to set policy and to monitor the progress of the school’s strategic plan.

Sweetwater Episcopal Academy is governed by an independent Board of Trustees made up of 15 members. Members consist of the Rector, Head of School, Vestry Representatives, ECR Parish Representatives, Parents Club President and Members at Large. Members are nominated and elected by the Board who strive for a committed, diverse group of individuals. Board members serve on a variety of committees including Finance, Marketing and Development, Buildings and Grounds and Strategic Planning.

  • Mission

  • Officers 2017-2018

  • Representatives


Mission Statement

The SEA Family delivers academic and enrichment excellence in a loving environment guided by Christian values.

Core Values

A lifelong eagerness to learn. Love, Gratitude, and Kindness. Spiritual Growth. Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity. Unity among students, faculty, parents, church, and community.

Vision Statement

Will be true to our mission, traditions, and values. Will have outstanding teachers, implementing progressive teaching practices. Will have competitive faculty compensation packages, including professional development. Will advance and support diversity. Will have state-of-the-art facilities. Will have strong financial resources and a healthy endowment.

Strategic Plan

Provide an environment and programs that allow our students to fully maximize their talents. Develop, Recruit, and support an Exceptional Faculty. Collaborate and share vision with Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. Create and implement a comprehensive communications and marketing plan to promote the SEA of today and tomorrow. Secure the financial future of the school.

Officers 2017-2018


Dan Tanner

Vice President

Steve Alch


Kelley Baker


Brian Brach


Members at Large

Jeff Evensen, Laura Cutchens, Dr. Matthew Zussman, Jim Hart & Linda Thompson.

Vestry Representatives

Bruce Wohl & Donna Hilyard

Parents’ Club Representative

Carlos Rosello


Cynthia Lane & Dr. Robert Burks