Imagine a school with a curriculum tailored to your child’s needs, providing boundless enrichment opportunities and appropriate acceleration in a loving Christian environment. At Sweetwater Episcopal Academy, we provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere where children succeed both academically and socially.

Grade Levels

When your child walks onto our beautiful lakefront campus at Sweetwater Episcopal Academy, there are three things you can count on: an engaging curriculum that promotes active learning, knowledgeable teachers who care about their students, and a loving Christian environment integrated into every class, allowing children to succeed both academically and socially. Integral to our culture, these three elements are present when your child begins pre-kindergarten and continue until your student finishes their senior year.

K4 - Kindergarten

It is important that your child's first experience in school creates a genuine love of learning. At SEA, we create an environment that feels like family and harnesses the power of fun. In the early education grades your child will build confidence and resilience, which allows for true mastery of skills and lays the foundation for future success.

Lower & Upper School (1-5)

During these crucial years, your children are encouraged to refine their skills, to value cooperation and are challenged to think critically in a safe and nurturing environment.

Middle School (6-8)

Our Middle School prepares students for their future, our students are empowered, confident leaders. We provide them with real world opportunities for growth with our Visiting Experts program, strategic partnerships and our challenging academics.

Our Core Values

Engaging Curriculum

We provide differentiated, small-group instruction across all core subject areas, leading to more individualized teacher attention and personalized student learning while placing an emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking beyond the basic foundation of knowledge.

Our curriculum is based on National Standards in core subject areas (reading, math, language, science, social studies). We follow Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for enrichment subjects including art, library/technology, music, physical education and Spanish.

Each April we administer the Stanford 10 Achievement Test for students in grades 1-5 in order to track individual and school academic performance.

Knowledgeable Teachers

The faculty of Sweetwater Episcopal Academy comprises educators who love teaching, love the students and are committed to inspiring our students to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Christian Values

Sweetwater Episcopal Academy is a Christian school that teaches respect and acceptance of the religious and cultural diversity in our community. We encourage students to achieve excellence in both scholarship and character by developing self-discipline, integrity, compassion, good manners and friendship in their daily lives.


Sweetwater Episcopal Academy believes that proper nutrition plays a vital role in supporting the learning environment, so our lunch program emphasizes the importance of eating well-balanced meals.

The SEAHawk Café Menu, prepared daily by our own Chef Jessica (A Culinary Institute of America Graduate) provides a traditional hot lunch option composed of the five food groups, in addition to an alternative selection. It is the goal of the SEAHawk Cafe to provide meal options that offer a variety of selections and support optimal nutrition in a cafeteria environment that is both fun and exciting. Gluten-Free and Vegetarian options are also available for students with dietary restrictions.

Lunch Cost

Grades K4 to 8th:  $5.50

Extra Portion:  $1.00

Lunch Schedule

4th-8th: 11:30-Noon

K-1st :  Noon-12:30

K4 & 2nd-3rd: 12:30-1:00

Sweetwater lunch cafeteria