Middle School (6-8)

SEA’s Christian middle school provides a unique experience for our students. It prepares them to be productive, confident young adults. Students are leaders on campus, as advisory time is used to build mentoring relationships with the younger students. Students are in charge of school announcements and communicating school-wide initiatives. Ensuring that our students have the tools to become successful young adults, we introduce them to etiquette, resume building and personal financial-management classes. Our corporate alliances with Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, as well as our Visiting Experts Program, opens up unique and endless opportunities for our students. We encourage our students to find their passion, to dream big and achieve their goals.

Two male students playing ball outside at Sweetwater Christian Middle School
Group of students dressed up for an event at Sweetwater Christian Middle School
Male student paddleboarding at Sweetwater Christian Middle School

Middle School Curriculum Details

Middle School Course Details

Two male students wearing goggles and examining a plastic tube

Advanced Coursework

We prepare our students for an advanced high school track. Our mathematics options are pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. We offer a wide selection of classics and modern classics for literature and teach our students how to write across the middle school curriculum. Our hands-on STEAM program, interactive science lessons and our engaging social studies classes set us apart.

Field Trips

Students build bonds with each other and learn essential life skills as they travel to restaurants, plays and more across the state, including Pensacola and Andrews Air Force Base. They also travel across the country to visit the MIT Lab in Boston and across the pond when they visit England to see history come alive.


P.E. utilizes our beautiful lakeside campus as students learn team sports and are afforded the opportunity to paddleboard on scenic Lake Brantley.

Middle School Enrichment Activities

At SEA, we believe that enrichment programs are vital to a well-rounded Christian middle school education. They help develop confidence and social skills from a young age. Research has shown that learning art, music and other enrichment skills can help children excel in all areas, which is why we use the STEAM education approach to help develop a full spectrum of skills for our students.

students out on the lake paddleboarding at Sweetwater Christian middle school


SEA prides itself on the value placed on physical wellness. Our students develop an appreciation for physical fitness with an emphasis on team participation, sportsmanship and fundamental life skills. We are privileged to reside on a beautiful campus, nestled on the shores of Lake Brantley, and our students are able to take full advantage of all these amenities.

students creating art using paint at Sweetwater Christian middle school


Art is a valued subject at SEA, and our middle school curriculum is aligned to our other subject areas, such as language arts, social studies and mathematics. We allow our students to express themselves, develop gross and fine motor skills, and use their critical thinking skills while learning how to safely use new materials and processes.

K4 learning students


Chapel time is our weekly gathering as a Christian middle school community—a time to acknowledge our membership in the human family under God, our national identity as Americans, and our participation in the Kind Zone. Our weekly chapel service is student-centered.