After School Enrichment

Sweetwater Episcopal Academy (SEA) understands the importance of After School Enrichment activities. We believe it is an opportunity to further engage students in academic, social, creative and physical activities. Our programs change quarterly according to the interest expressed by our students and normally run for 6-8 weeks. Our program considers different age levels and a wide range of interests.

  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Drama
  • Bowling
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Happy Healthy Hearts
  • Soccer
  • Fishing Club
  • Golf
  • Karate
  • STEAM Club


SEA ensures that learning is enhanced through experiences provided on site as well as through travel off campus. We strive to provide a progressive variety of activities that expose students to the real-world application of curriculum topics.

In second grade, students have an opportunity to observe manatees in their natural habitat after studying a unit on wildlife preservation and endangered species. The Native American unit of discovery and research introduction in third grade is brought to life by a visit with Sawgrass as he tells stories with explanations and incorporates actual demonstrations. Our strong belief in the importance of cooperation and collaboration is practiced in fourth grade during an overnight trip to Cedarkirk for teambuilding exercises. As a culmination to learning about American Colonial history during fifth grade, students travel to Williamsburg for several days to see the stories come to life. As part of the Middle school, year-long World Geography curriculum, students have the option of traveling to England. This trip is designed to allow students to live the culture as well as see the sights.

Allowing the curriculum to come alive through experiences, while creating memories, ultimately reinforces concepts. Learning that lasts, builds a strong academic foundation and develops positive character in students of any age. SEA develops life skills through such real-world encounters.

Summer Enrichment Camps

Sweetwater hosts various summer enrichment camps. Click the link below to review the registration form and learn more!

Enrichment Camps Registration Form