Campus Life

An education at Sweetwater Episcopal Academy is about more than just academics; we believe that a strong educational foundation also requires character development. Leadership skills, teamwork, positive attitudes, willingness to serve and good sportsmanship are just a few of the many qualities that we seek to instill in our students during their years at SEA. These important characteristics can’t be taught in the classroom alone.

Student life at Sweetwater Episcopal Academy is about cultivating these qualities through extracurricular activities. Whether competing in Odyssey of the Mind, planning student activities as a YES Team representative, learning robotics or life skills during Community & Comportment Classes, playing or serving the community through our Homeroom Outreach Projects, students at Sweetwater Episcopal Academy have boundless opportunities to learn and grow outside of the classroom.


At SEA, we understand the importance of the arts in the growth of students’ talents and creativity. The arts involve media, visual expression, music and theatre. Students have the opportunity to experiment with new strategies, express themselves as individuals, develop gross and fine motor skills, and practice using new materials and processes in their work.

The curriculum is aligned and integrated with the other main subject areas. Our program is designed to meet the National Core Arts Standards which include the following categories.

  • Creating – individuals generate new ideas, projects and performances
  • Performing, presenting and producing – interpreting and sharing the arts and talents with others
  • Responding – students evaluate how the arts convey meaning
  • Connecting – connecting the arts to cultures and historical context


“The music education program at SEA provides students in K4-8th grade with the comprehensive fundamentals of music making. By the time students graduate from SEA, they are integrating and utilizing all of the skills that they have gained in cumulative years to play, compose, and understand music. Dan Rather wrote, “Music is exciting! It is thrilling to be sitting in a group of musicians playing (more or less) the same piece of music. You are part of a great, powerful, vibrant entity. And nothing beats the feeling you get when you’ve practiced a difficult section over and over and finally get it right (yes, even on the wood block). Music is important. It says things your heart can’t say any other way, in a language everyone speaks. Music crosses borders, turns smiles into frowns and vice versa.”

Sweetwater Episcopal Academy recognizes that performance is a very integral part in a student’s musical development. Students in K4-2nd grade perform in both a Christmas production and a Spring production each year. Students in grades 3-8 perform in a traditional Christmas production as well as take part in Evening of the Arts, an event designed to showcase the many musical and artistic individual talents our student’s possess, as well as conglomerative grade-level performance efforts in music, art and dance.

Choral music is the basis of the music program at SEA. The choirs that stem from SEA students exist to educate and train students in the arts and technique of choral music and to perform with the highest artistic standards. It is SEA’s intent to provide the highest quality instruction and singing technique and music theory and to expose our students to the best repertoire and the highest performance standards appropriate to their age and ability.”

Julie Shatley-Campese


Sweetwater Episcopal Academy prides itself on the value placed on physical wellness. In addition to daily recess, students in K4-3rd participate in daily 30-minute physical education classes both outside and in our state-of-the-art gymnasium. 4th thru Middle school will take part in two 60-minute physical education classes a week.

Our students develop an appreciation for physical fitness with an emphasis on team participation and sportsmanship which are fundamental life skills. SEA is privileged to reside on a beautiful campus bordering Lake Brantley which allows all our students to enjoy swimming during Fall and Spring; as well as canoeing for 4th and 5th Grade, and paddleboarding for Middle School.

To further engage our students, we have two main physical events where the focus is on completion and participation rather than competition.

  • SEAHawk Mini Triathlon  – K4-2nd
  • SEA Adventure Run – 3rd- Middle School


The religion curriculum at SEA is intended to awaken the students to the spiritual dimension of life, acquaint them with the similarities and differences among various religious traditions and serve as a primary venue for encouraging the Christian values which are a central component of SEA’s mission.

Each student attends religion class once every week as part of the enrichment program. Although expressly Christian in nature, the course excludes no one. The chaplain encourages questions about faith, how people relate to the Divine, and how spiritual awareness shapes behavior. Students learn basic stories from the Bible and ways to interact with them, stories from other traditions, and how to grow as spiritual people through hands-on activities including art, music and drama, in addition to discussion.

After School Enrichment

Sweetwater Episcopal Academy understands the importance of after-school enrichment activities. We believe it is an opportunity to further engage students in academic, social, creative and physical activities. Our programs change quarterly according to the interest expressed by our students and normally run for 6-8 weeks. Our program considers different age levels and a wide range of interests.

  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Drama Club
  • Bowling
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Happy Healthy Hearts
  • Soccer
  • Fishing Club
  • Golf
  • Karate
  • STEAM Club