A Day in the Life at Sweetwater

At Sweetwater Episcopal Academy, we offer a unique learning environment for our students—from K4/kindergarten all the way through eighth grade. From hands-on learning and arts integration to STEAM education and more, our students are exposed to some highly effective learning styles that contribute to healthy mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Get an inside look at what a day typically looks like for our incredible students:


Starting the Day Right: All SEA Students

Older Student Helping Younger Student Read

Though the day-to-day experience is significantly different for each age group, there are a few things that stay consistent among all our students at Sweetwater.

Students start their day in homeroom class, greeted with school announcements led by our middle school students and followed by The Pledge of Allegiance. Morning prayer and class meetings are held before the academic day begins. Students have the opportunity to share a prayer intention with their peers in a safe setting. Class meetings help set the tone and social expectations for the day, focusing on kindness and empathy.

Academic subjects are taught daily, incorporating assignments that foster critical thinking and creativity. A typical day might include hands-on or group activities, technology integration, and opportunities for presenting.

To complement academics, various enrichment classes are taught two or three times a week. Art, music, and other subjects serve as avenues to promote artistic interests and to develop the whole student.

Students Playing Flag Football

For detailed information about grade-specific education offered at Sweetwater, visit our Academics page now!


Wednesday Chapel: Where We Come Together as a Community

One of the best things about Sweetwater Episcopal Academy is the understanding that we are family. We believe that a sense of community helps students create healthy relationships with others, rooted in love and support. One of the ways we see that most clearly is at weekly Chapel.

On Wednesday mornings, everyone (including parents if they so choose to attend) comes together for Chapel. Younger students sit in their designated sections within the chapel, and middle schoolers have the special privilege of sitting in the loft area during the service.

Community Together at Outdoor Chapel

At Chapel, students are not required to memorize Bible passages, but rather are taught that individual choices create the environment in which we live. They are read passages from the Bible that give examples of people making specific choices in life.

It’s an opportunity to see how we can learn lessons from those choices and use religion as a vehicle. It’s also a time to acknowledge students’ contributions to the The Kind Zone—a metaphorical environment for promoting kindness and empathy, taking healthy academic risks, feeling welcome to share their work in a safe space, and learning from our mistakes.

With Chapel on the agenda every week, all of our students truly experience that sense of community, surrounded by fellow classmates, family, teachers and our pastor (Father Steve) rooting them on each week. We see first-hand the positive impact it has on Sweetwater Episcopal Academy as a whole, and we’re so fortunate to be able to offer this as part of our curriculum.


When you’re a part of the Sweetwater family, we believe you’re experiencing The SEA Advantage. Schedule a visit to tour our beautiful 10-acre campus today and learn more!

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