Books Are Important at Sweetwater Episcopal Academy

We love books! Do you? There are many reasons why reading is so important to us at Sweetwater Episcopal Academy, and here a just a few:

  1. Imagination, reading unlocks your imagination by allowing your mind to paint pictures of the stories you read. It takes you on adventures to anywhere you want to go. Reading allows the creative and thinking side of your brain to emerge.
  2. Memory, reading improves your memory. When you read, you take in all the things a book is about, people, places and things…Using this memory muscle helps you with memory long term.
  3. Communication, reading to children helps with communication between you and your child. The bond you build today through reading and communicating with your child will last a lifetime!
  4. Celebrate the love of reading at our Book Fair, starting this Friday, November 3.

Learn more about how we incorporate reading into our engaging curriculum by checking out our Academics page now.