Halloween Traditions at Our House!

We have three Halloween traditions in our home. Last year, I made my first Halloween inspired wreath for our front door. I plan on continuing the Halloween wreath each year because it’s a small thing that puts a smile on each of our visitors’ faces. I also notice the instant smile I see on my spouse and child’s face when they get home or leave. The Halloween wreath can be hilarious or spooky, silly or glitzy. This tradition is a keeper.

Another tradition we love is enjoying a fall festival at one of our local farms. Living in central Florida has a lot of perks and the fall weather is one we enjoy while at these outdoor gatherings.  We end up going to a few different farms in fall and through the Christmas season. It is such a fun family experience.

Our third tradition is a classic. We always pick a few small pumpkins while at a fall festival. Some years, we carve the pumpkins; other times we decorate the outsides of the pumpkins only, but we always display these crafty pumpkins on our front porch and as a centerpiece on our dinner table. Whether it’s an adult or child, you can see that each person’s pumpkin is a source of pride. I think that is why I started to include little pumpkins at the dinner table. I saw the pride in my family as I displayed their creations, both inside and outside our home. I never imagined deranged pumpkins at our dinner table, but it’s a lot of fun and another tradition we will be keeping. Happy Halloween!