How to Afford Private School Tuition: Sweetwater’s Financial Options

Choosing a private school education for your child is a very worthy investment, but if you’re on a budget, the reality is that it can be challenging to tack on a new, larger expense to your bills. Schools vary in their tuition fees, and they all have significant financial considerations for parents to weigh, regardless of what school they choose. 

Private school offers academic excellence, enrichment programs and unique experiences but still leaves the lingering question of how to afford private school tuition without breaking the bank. For many, being able to afford yearly tuition can be a matter of the availability of scholarships, financial aid and tuition credits. 

At Sweetwater, we offer several different financing options for our students and their families. Read on to decide which might work best for you and your family. 


Making Private School Attainable

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Private schools have many advantages, including small class sizes, more freedom in choosing their curriculum and more exposure to the arts and new ways of learning. Because of this, tuition may increase with the addition of new programs or class offerings. While financial aid exists on state levels for students, some private schools offer financial aid programs of their own.

At SEA, we believe in creating a supportive environment for our students so they can make greater strides in their personal growth. That extends to providing some financial aid for students and their families. 

Since private school education can be a considerable expense for some families, we’re proud to offer multiple options for financing at Sweetwater. Flexibility in payments and an online enrollment process are just two ways we strive to make the admissions process easier for parents.


Our Financial Options

Our pricing for tuition varies between grade levels and all have a separate mandatory materials fee. This fee encompasses licensing, consumable workbooks and the technology used in the classroom as well as a yearbook. For our kindergarten students, we offer both full- and part-time tuition pricing.

Since tuition varies by grade level, the best way to find the most up-to-date pricing information is to view our admissions page for details.

Option 1: Scholarships

SEA offers financial aid in a limited capacity for students and their families. Besides our own programs, we also accept Gardiner and McKay scholarship students, as well as Step Up for Students

The Gardiner Scholarship is administered by state-approved Scholarship Funding Organization and the McKay Scholarship is available for students with disabilities.

The Step Up for Students program is a non-profit, state-approved Scholarship Funding Organization that actually includes five different scholarships with various criteria and qualifications. This includes special needs and income-based scholarship programs.

Option 2: Early Payments

Another way we provide parents help with affording private school at SEA is an early-payment financing option. We believe in flexibility for tuition payments and we offer different ways to pay tuition: on a monthly or quarterly basis, or in full. These different payment options are available to make it easier for families to afford tuition.

For those looking for a discount on tuition, early payments can help. We offer a three percent discount on tuition for families that pay in full by May 15.

Option 3: Referral Credits

In addition, we also offer tuition credits for any referrals sent to us from parents, which can be another way to cut down tuition costs (just for having friends or family sent our way!). Contact our business office for details at

Option 4: Discounts

The more, the merrier, right? At SEA, that’s always a fact! If you have more than one child you’re planning to enroll with us, you’ll receive a sibling discount on your tuition fees. This “sibling discount” will give you a three percent discount off the second child you enroll at Sweetwater and five percent for any additional sibling that attends SEA. 

In addition to these sibling discounts, you may also qualify for a discount if you’re a parishioner. Please contact the Church Office for qualifications and an application form.


Investing in Private School Education

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The many different programs and offerings at a private school usually inform the tuition fees the school charges per student. If you’re wondering how to afford private school tuition for your child, flexibility in payments and financial aid are two ways that can help ease the burden. No matter where your child attends, researching if the school offers options like these can help narrow down your shortlist.

If you ever have any questions about financial aid, tuition or admissions at SEA, our business office is happy to assist. Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or schedule a call to discuss our admissions process with you and your family.


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