Inside SEA: Why I Love Being a K4 Teacher

By: Caroline Showalter (K4 Teacher at SEA)

Student Assisting Teacher with Putting Letters on a Paper Board

K4 is a very exciting year for our students! At Sweetwater Episcopal Academy, our K4 program is designed as a preschool program for four-year-olds, with two schedule options for full-time or part-time instruction.


Hands-On Learning

Students Using Shaving Cream on Desk

As a K4 teacher, I have the privilege of seeing first-hand how eager they are to learn about letters, sight words, numbers, and explore so much more through hands-on experiences and play. Each day, there is something new and exciting happening in our K4 classroom. From students writing letters with shaving cream to mixing ingredients for a science experiment, we continually incorporate new, creative ways for children to learn and discover. 


Communication and Problem-Solving

Students posing for picture with school project

Our “free centers” are one of our K4 students’ favorite times of the day (and one of mine as well). They each have the ability to choose between building structures with magnet tiles or blocks, creating artwork, working on ABC Mouse on the computer, cooking up food concoctions in the play kitchen and much more. During this fun time, we encourage children to learn how to communicate with others, share materials, take turns and solve problems—something I’m happy to see comes very naturally with our students.



Students Outside Wearing Paper Hats and Smiling

Another thing that makes me love teaching this group is seeing K4 students break out of their shells. Including their growing sense of individuality and exploration, students take advantage of the many opportunities to participate in our enrichment programs. Each week, students attend P.E., music, art, religion and library. We also host special K4 events, including a mini-triathlon, our annual Christmas play, a Spring show, a 100th-day celebration and three off-campus field trips.  



Older Student Helping Younger Student with Reading

Arguably one of the greatest aspects of SEA that I get to see as a teacher is the sense of community between grade levels. Students in other grade levels are always quick to befriend K4 students, taking them under their wings and showing them the ropes. Whether it’s talking to them about their day while walking on campus, assisting in the lunchroom or participating in our reading buddy program (pictured above), our elementary and middle schoolers love spending time with our adorable K4 students. I feel very blessed to be a part of the Sweetwater faculty, sharing each day with some of the best and brightest four-year-olds in Central Florida.



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