The Kind Zone at Sweetwater Episcopal Academy

Why is the Kind Zone so important? Children love SEA and one reason is that they feel welcome and happy in the Kind Zone. A private Episcopal education offers so much to our students. Attention is paid to the development of the whole child. In Chapel and in Religion classes, children learn examples of men and women with strong moral character who do their best to be good people. Rainbow Awards hold our individual students up as positive role models and reinforce the value of kindness and empathy. We learn how important it is here to appreciate one another for the unique traits we each have to offer. As Father Steve has said, “There is a difference between tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance still keeps people at arm’s length while acceptance brings them in and allows us to appreciate how our difference makes us better as a group.”

We have high academic expectations for our children and the Kind Zone plays an important part in that as well. You’ve heard the maxim, “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning.” We encourage our students to take academic risks. We want them to raise their hands and give their best answer. We ask them to stand in front of the group, share and be proud of their work. We enjoy watching them perform and present. All of this is enhanced when students feel the support and encouragement of their peers rather than the fear of their judgment. In short, the Kind Zone helps us raise the bar and gives our students the confidence to achieve all we ask of them.

Teaching kindness is important. It’s not just us that says it. Read on here.