Sweetwater Academy Admissions: Your Questions, Answered

When it comes to admissions at Sweetwater Academy, we make the process simple and easy, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. From financial aid and flexible payment options, to how to apply and more, here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the admissions process at Sweetwater.


What is your admissions process like?

Our admissions process is warm, welcoming and 100% non-intrusive. For our prospective kindergarteners, we purposefully make the screening and tour very low-pressure environments, with one-on-one interaction that encourages children to feel confident and show us their best self (not just from an academic perspective, but from a holistic standpoint as well). Our Shadow Day is tailored to make students feel welcomed and safe—there is no panel interview, just a simple chat with the Head of School (HOS), where the student is asked about their interests and hobbies. The welcome starts at the front office and is carried throughout the entire visit. Once you visit, we give you a week to think about if Sweetwater Academy is a good fit for your child and we wait until the end of that week to send a follow-up email to check in.


How many kids are there per classroom?

To provide the most personalized/individualized education possible, we purposely structure our class sizes on the smaller size. In K4, we accept up to 14 students. In Kindergarten, we accept up to 16. For all other grades throughout the school, we accept up to 18 per class.


Do you offer full-time and part-time tuition pricing?

Yes! We offer part-time and full-time tuition for our K4 students, depending on your preference. For the 2019–2020 academic year, K4 Part-Time Annual Tuition is $6,708 (with a $650 Materials Fee) and K4 Full-Time Annual Tuition is $7,124 (with a $650 Materials Fee). 


What is the pricing between grade levels?

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Our pricing varies between grade levels, as well as frequency. See our most up-to-date pricing for all grade levels on our Admissions page now.


What does your materials fee include?

Our materials fee covers licensing fees, consumable workbooks, technology used in the classroom and a yearbook. 


Do you offer financial aid?

To help reduce costs associated with private-school education, Sweetwater Academy is able to provide financial aid in a limited capacity. We have an independent body who manages the application process and determines eligibility. We also accept Gardiner and McKay scholarships, as well as Step Up for Students scholarships. Contact our Business Office at (407) 862-1882 for more information.


Do you offer any special referral tuition pricing?

We do offer referral tuition credits. Contact our Business Office (407-862-1882) for qualifications and a form to apply.


Do you offer any other discounts?

Yes! We offer a 3% discount on tuition for families who choose to pay in full by May 15. Additionally, we offer a sibling discount, which amounts to 3% off tuition for the second child in the family and 5% off for each additional sibling who attends Sweetwater Episcopal Academy.


What payment options are available?

We offer multiple options to pay tuition. Families have the choice to pay in full, monthly or quarterly. (Note: For those who pay in full prior to May 15, a 3% discount will apply). Tuition payment plans are handled by FACTS when enrolling online. To learn more about our payment plans, contact our Business Office at (407) 862-1882 today.


When is open enrollment?

Open enrollment begins at the end of August. 


Are there any services offered that require additional payment?

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Sweetwater Academy offers a few additional services that are optional to every student. These include our Champions Extended Day Care Program, Hot Lunch Program, After-School Enrichment Classes and Summer Enrichment Camps. Tuition does not include fees for textbooks or field trips. Contact us today to learn more about our programs at Sweetwater.  


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